Bowling Rewards


You can get a card at any of our 14 Centers.  Just ask for one at the front counter.

See the full list of all S&S Bowling Centers on our Contact Us page.

Signing up for Bowling Rewards is simple and easy.  Whether you bowl once a year or every week, the Bowling Rewards card offers membership benefits that make you eligible for valuable prizes and rewards.  Best of all, you can use your Bowling Rewards card at any of our 14 S&S locations.  Please visit our Contact Us page to see a list of all locations. 

Bowling Rewards cards are distributed through participating pro shops and entertainment centers.  Here is a step by step process of how the card works...



4. Load gift value or games (optional)

5. Redeem Earned Rewards

6. Check your account

$10 & 10 %
How Bowling Rewards Work...

S&S Family Entertainment -- 90 Volunteer dr. -- Hendersonville, TN -- 37075

Once you acquire a card, visit and click the red bowling ball that says “ACTIVATE YOUR CARD HERE”.  Complete the registration process and choose a password.  Bowling Rewards will send you a welcome email containing a link to activate your account.  You MUST click this link to activate your account.  Be sure to check your deleted items or spam folder in case this email does not show up in your inbox within a minute of registration.  Your card is now ready to use. 

There is $10 in gift certificates preloaded onto every Bowling Rewards Card!

Present your card at checkout to record your sales activity and immediately start earning cash back rewards valid toward a future purchase. All S&S Bowling Centers offer 10% credit loaded onto your card for every $1 you spend to be used on open bowling, shoe rental and Circus World wristbands.  All reward benefits and applicable disclaimers are published on the Bowling Rewards Directory for your convenience. 

At your discretion, you can use your Bowling Rewards card like a gift card and load either gift value or games value by pre-paying in advance.  Please note you can only use the gift value and earned rewards at the location where the value was originally loaded or earned. 

Return back to the location where you have accumulated balances and redeem your rewards. The more you spend, the more you earn! 

Login to your account online anytime at to

check real-time balances available on your card.